Reference SPM3 documents for use

Here you will find several templates and forms for you to use in your practice. These are also located in the SPM Volume III Appendices section:



Health Authority resources for use

  • Interior Health
  • Island Health
  • Fraser Health
  • Northern Health
  • Vancouver Coastal Health
    Sewerage System Regulation
    BC Standard Practice Manual
    Health Hazard Communication Guideline
    MHLS Setback Rationale
    SPM3 FAQs and Errata, November 2015
    Sewerage System Repair Policy
    ASTTBC OWRP Certification Policy
    Policy Appendix 2 - ROWP Practice Guideline
    Policy on Mentoring, Field Training and Assessment
    ASTTBC Act & Regulations
    ASTTBC Code of Ethics and Practice Guidelines
    Professional Reliance and Environmental Regulation in BC

    PL1 - Property Owner Declaration
    PL2 - Soil Description
    PL4 - Example Drawings
    PL5 - Drawing Checklist
    PL6 - O&M Plan
    PL7 Record of Design
    PL8 Site plan & Construction Drawings
    PL9 Maintenance Plan
    PL10 Owner's Manual
    PL11 Record Drawings
    PL12 Additional Drawing Examples
    Initial Maintenance Report
    Follow-Up Maintenance Report
    Incident 1 Maintenance Report
    Incident 2 Maintenance Report
    Maintenance Usage Form
    Performance Inspection Report
    Compliance Inspection Report
    Performance Inspection Usage Form
    Compliance Inspection Usage Form