ROWP Learning Resources

ROWP Learning Resources

To achieve certification, applicants will require a broad range of competencies (as listed in Onsite Wastewater Certification Policy) – achieved by a combination of recognized training programs, industry experience and a significant commitment to self-directed study.

Standard Practice Manual Webinars

These recorded webinars provide orientation to the BC Ministry of Health Sewerage System Standard Practice Manual.

New Format & Key Changes
Daily Design Flow
Vertical Separation
Loading Rates
Specification & Installation Standards
Standards for Installers (Pt1)
Standards for Installers (Pt2)
Maintenance & Monitoring Standards
Maintenance Provider Critical Standards
Inspection Standards


Standard Practice Manual Learning Exercises

PLANNERS complete the following exercises, in order:

Locate Standards | Check your answers
Daily Design Flow | Check your answers
Vertical Separation |Check your answers
Loading Rates | Check your answers

INSPECTORS complete all the Planning exercises listed above plus the Maintenance exercises below.

MAINTENANCE PROVIDERS complete the following:

Maintenance Exercise| Check your answers

INSTALLERS complete the following:

Installer Exercise | Check your answers

Ministry of Health Response – SPM Frequently Asked Questions and Errata

After publication of the September 2014 SPM Version 3, the Ministry of Health prepared responses to frequently asked questions. They also identified minor errors in the SPM and provided clarification in an Errata document. Review the SPM3 FAQs and Errata, November 2015