The individuals listed in this directory are registered with Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC) as Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioners (ROWP) providing authorized services in their respective categories of practice.

  • ROWP Planner – performs site and soil assessment, designs the system, certifies the system construction based on oversight of construction, and creates the extensive documentation required by the Regulation.
  • ROWP Installer – installs or repairs the system as designed and specified by a ROWP Planner.
  • ROWP Maintenance Provider – monitors and maintains the system according to the maintenance plan. Please note:
    The Sewerage System Regulation requirements for Professional supervision of type 3 or systems with daily design flow >9100 L remain in effect for ASTTBC Maintenance Provider certified to provide services for those systems.
  • ROWP Private Inspector – inspects and provides conclusions about the performance, condition and capacity of existing systems.
  • “Provisional” means the individual is in the process of achieving certification and must therefore work under the supervision of an authorized person. A ROWP (Provisional) does not have the right to possess or use a stamp.

Unless supervised by a Professional, ROWPs must not design, construct or maintain systems using type 3 treatment or systems with daily design flow >9100 L.

For additional information please contact the Coordinator, Registrations at (604) 585-2788 ext. 258 or by e-mail to

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Please note that the Registry is in random order. You may sort by clicking on the right arrow in column headers, use search field for specifics.

The search field allows key word search. e.g. when searching for a ROWP in your area, you may type in a particular postal code ( Z3Y- three first letters / digits are sufficient to get all ROWP’s in that area), or if you are searching for a specific registration number, you may enter this number (eg. OW000)  in the search field or the name.

The certification categories are:  Planner (PL), Installer (IN), Maintenance Provider (MP), Private Inspector – Residential (PIR), Private Inspector – Commercial (PIC).  Please click on the underlined name to see more information.

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Name Number Health Authority Postal Code Endorsements
432Wilson, Tim OW0003 Fraser Health V2Z 3A6 Planner,Installer
458Stevenson, Julian OW0276 Van Coastal Health V0N 1G1 Installer,Maintenance Provider
682Loos, Owen OW0742 N/A T8V 3A5 Planner,Installer
503Hunsicker, Monroe OW0496 Interior Health V0A 1K2 Planner,Installer
954Van Woerkom, Rodric OW0640 Interior Health V0E 1H1 Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
291Fraser, Gordon OW0159 Island Health V9N 9P9 Planner,Installer
987Loeffler, Gregory OW0473 Fraser Health V4R 1C9 Installer
924McCallan, Michael OW0056 Island Health V0R 2M0 Planner,Installer
757Bryant, Dale OW0509 Interior Health V1C 0C2 Planner,Installer
281Tisdale, Tony OW0565 N/A T4E 1G6 Planner,Installer
37Bazak, Ronald OW0214 Northern Health V0J 2J0 Planner,Installer
291Fielden, Shawn OW0806 Island Health V9B 2W9 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
602Fan, Patrick OW0081 Fraser Health V6P 6B3 Planner
752Bouchard, Sylvain OW0064 Interior Health V0E 1M4 Planner,Installer
374Robertson, Scott OW0882 Interior Health V0E 2S0 Planner,Installer
360Ronning, Richard OW0271 Interior Health V0H 1K0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
125Wetten, Larry OW0043 Island Health V9X 1W1 Planner,Installer
602Harvey, Morgan OW0737 Interior Health V0E 2G2 Planner,Installer
963Clarke, George OW0204 Interior Health V0E 2W1 Planner,Installer
757Nielson, Noel OW0714 Island Health V9B 2K5 Installer,Maintenance Provider
651Hay, Frank OW0001 Fraser Health V2Y 0M6 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
798Carpenter, Joshua OW0612 Northern Health V0J 1E2 Planner,Installer
608Truman, Gary OW0796 Island Health V9Z 0K9 Planner,Installer
194Hunchak, Harvey OW0365 Interior Health V2A 3H7 Maintenance Provider
39Butler, Brad OW0341 Island Health V9R 6X3 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
203Guay-Rufiange, Michael OW0670 Interior Health V1L 3K2 Installer
779Mooney, Mark OW0915 N/A T1S 5M5 Planner,Installer
514Long, Alan OW0173 Interior Health V0K 2J0 Installer
869Badesha, Satnam OW0422 Interior Health V8X 1N2 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
44Dingwall, Dean OW0342 Northern Health V2N 5C3 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
212Laughlin, Michael OW0293 Island Health V9N 5N4 Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
355Hay, Jeffrey OW0537 Fraser Health V3A 0K9 Maintenance Provider
833Johnson, Darrell OW0130 Island Health V0R 1V0 Planner,Installer
347Taylor, Ross, AScT OW0004 Fraser Health V3S 7L9 Planner,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
62Proctor, Elliott OW0672 Island Health V9B 6C1 Planner,Installer
705Jackson, Phillip OW0263 Interior Health V0G 2G3 Planner,Installer
805Wright, Julian OW0734 Island Health V9P 2C1 Planner,Installer
994Blackmore, Bobby OW0669 Interior Health V0B 2P0 Installer
571Purkiss, Stephen OW0192 Island Health V9L 5M5 Planner,Installer
303Van Hell, Henry OW0012 Island Health V9L 6N7 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
195Stiksma, James OW0867 Fraser Health V2R 5N5 Planner,Installer
93Pady, Donald OW0071 Island Health V9K 2S3 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
36Sapriken, Craig OW0868 Interior Health V0G 2E0 Planner,Installer
169Fulton, Robert OW0467 Island Health V8R 5Y3 Planner
962Van Diermen, Dustin OW0627 Fraser Health V4S 1L1 Planner,Installer
975Ranchuk, Donald OW0720 Interior Health V0X 1W0 Planner,Installer
795Seaton, David OW0772 Interior Health V0E 2S3 Planner,Installer
390Doyle, George OW0019 Interior Health V0E 2W0 Planner,Installer
16Reichert, Robert OW0301 Interior Health V0X 1W0 Planner,Installer
372Lessard, Kyle OW0886 Interior Health V0E 2W1 Planner,Installer
741Blackett, Paul, AScT OW0483 Interior Health V2C 6N6 Planner,Installer
700Bamber, Simon, AScT OW0551 Interior Health V0G 1R1 Planner
964Becker, Barry OW0423 Interior Health V0H 1H4 Planner,Installer
948Carriere, David OW0254 Northern Health T8V 5M3 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
209Larson, Sam OW0875 Interior Health V0J 2X2 Planner,Installer
388Pukas, Dwayne OW0028 Interior Health V1E 4N2 Planner,Installer
565Seggie, Mark OW0752 Island Health V9X 1S7 Planner,Installer
528Jones, David OW0334 Island Health V9C 4M8 Installer
611Evans, Rick OW0781 Interior Health V1Y 8C8 Planner,Installer
302Graf, Michael OW0332 Island Health V0R 1H0 Installer
48Cisaroski, Tim OW0216 Island Health V9Y 9E9 Planner,Installer
731Jensen, Chad OW0111 Interior Health V0H 1V0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
382Lattimer, Kerry OW0842 Van Coastal Health V0N 2L0 Planner,Installer
596Krahn, Randy OW0766 Fraser Health V4W 2W1 Installer
969Bartlett, David OW0281 Interior Health V0H 1E0 Planner,Installer
99Marshall, Douglas OW0181 Island Health V9B 1Y5 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
98Milner, Ron OW0370 Northern Health T0H 1L0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
498Taylor, James OW0837 Northern Health V8G 5P5 Planner,Installer
598Gosset, Charles OW0260 Island Health V8K 2H2 Planner,Installer
365Wall, Karen OW0757 Northern Health V0J 3A0 Planner,Installer
702Isaac, Ramon OW0102 Interior Health V0E 1V3 Planner,Installer
14Wierzbicki, Timothy OW0741 Interior Health V0E 2K0 Planner,Installer
221Ruddy, Darcy OW0902 N/A T0E 1E0 Planner,Installer
12Horlings, John OW0287 Northern Health V0J 2N2 Planner,Installer
482Nixon, Thomas OW0813 Island Health V9J 1T5 Planner,Installer
186Sands, Sheldon OW0273 Northern Health V0W 1A0 Planner,Installer
384Sharp, Kevin OW0508 Island Health V9B 4N7 Installer
530Koeman, Mark Paul OW0790 Fraser Health V0B 1M5 Planner,Installer
451Bucknell, Kenneth OW0406 Interior Health V4T 1W1 Installer
278Carrier, Christopher OW0691 Island Health V0N 2M1 Planner,Installer
854McNeil, Jason OW0851 Interior Health V0G 1Z0 Installer
280Pattenden, Shaun OW0269 Island Health V9L 3V9 Planner
97Richardson, Steve OW0210 Interior Health V4T 3G2 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
607MacIntosh, Edward OW0694 Northern Health V0C 1R0 Planner,Installer
844Everall, Garth OW0686 Northern Health V2K 5L4 Installer
88Tomaszewski, Richard OW0652 Interior Health V1Y 0B2 Planner,Installer
544White, David OW0443 Interior Health V1N 4V8 Planner,Installer
44Brydges, Stephen OW0881 Island Health V9G 1P4 Planner,Installer
876Gemeinhardt, Katharina OW0807 Interior Health V8G 4X1 Planner,Installer
991Hodson, Kelmer OW0347 Interior Health V0E 1E0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
974Drygasuk, Jonathan OW0876 Island Health V9M 7Z8 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
912Bidder, Kelly OW0721 Northern Health V1A 3K4 Planner,Installer
357Fuller, Cody OW0810 Interior Health V0A 1K4 Planner,Installer
381Maggs, Jason OW0872 Interior Health V0A 1H3 Planner,Installer
719Burgess, David OW0554 Island Health V9Y 3X4 Installer
969Haftner, Curt OW0675 Interior Health V0B 2G0 Planner,Installer
221Stange, Michael OW0236 Interior Health V0B 1L2 Planner,Installer
268Wilson, Blair OW0178 Northern Health V0J 1E2 Planner,Installer
134Scherger, David OW0445 Van Coastal Health V8A 0E5 Planner,Installer
521Wilford, Randy OW0664 Island Health V9N 9P7 Planner,Installer
459Keenan, Stuart OW0265 Island Health V0R 1W0 Planner,Installer
396Milner, David OW0495 Island Health V8K 1Y9 Private Inspector Re
350Higgs, Brent OW0048 Interior Health V1Z 3N5 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
557Fitzgerald, Patrick OW0687 Fraser Health V0K 1A0 Provisional
92Bjorgaard, Darryl OW0869 Northern Health V8G 4Y4 Planner,Installer
710Ivy, Christian OW0222 Interior Health V0B 1L2 Installer,Maintenance Provider
574Nelmes, Jeffrey OW0416 Fraser Health V0N 1W0 Planner,Installer
337Poltorak, David OW0388 Fraser Health V2Z 2P3 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
912Armstrong, Steven OW0814 Island Health V0R 1Z0 Planner,Installer
209Hansen, Blair OW0860 Interior Health V0B 1G2 Planner,Installer
89Brown, Reece OW0683 Island Health V9X 1A3 Planner,Installer
280Hough, Dave OW0112 Interior Health V0B 1E0 Planner,Installer
251Stefanyk, Kevin OW0730 Interior Health V0E 1Y0 Planner,Installer
661Mendel, Eckard OW0295 Northern Health V0J 2N6 Planner,Installer
879Oler, Kevin OW0843 Interior Health V0B 1C0 Planner,Installer
357Milne, Scott OW0856 Island Health V9Z 1A8 Planner,Installer
770Kerkhoff, Herman OW0733 Fraser Health V0X 1X2 Installer
281Newman, Brian OW0336 Van Coastal Health V0N 2W4 Planner,Installer
528Krumm, Stewart OW0033 Island Health V9L 3N7 Planner,Installer
100Watson, Brad OW0153 Interior Health V0E 3E1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
82Boardman, Clayton OW0355 Interior Health V1C 7C1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
806Badhesa, Satpal OW0755 Fraser Health V2T 6B2 Planner,Installer
635Hughes, Dennis OW0393 Interior Health V1N 4L8 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
833Ulovec, Raymond OW0625 Island Health V0R 1T0 Installer
577Fitzgerald, Wade OW0747 Van Coastal Health V0N 1V5 Planner,Installer
783Sperling, Leahn OW0657 Interior Health V0H 1J0 Planner,Installer
94Von Conruhds, Jornn OW0278 Island Health V0R 1V0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
186Gill, Sukdev OW0908 Fraser Health V2Y 2K5 Planner,Installer
915Ralston, Ian, Engl OW0017 Island Health V0R 2Y0 Planner,Installer
237Taber, Jason OW0435 Interior Health V0E 1B4 Planner,Installer
676Stewart, John OW0529 Island Health V9C 3X2 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
940Kinnee, Deon OW0203 Northern Health V2K 5A1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
117Blacklaw, Benjamin OW0738 Northern Health V2J 4L3 Planner,Installer,Private Inspector Re
871Chamness, Lawrence OW0457 Interior Health V0E 1E0 Installer
787Arndt, Darren OW0665 Interior Health V2B 7G4 Planner,Installer
865Friesen, Dustyn OW0739 Fraser Health V2V 0B4 Planner,Installer
276Clayton, Antony OW0311 Interior Health V0E 2G7 Planner,Installer
510de Jong, Dennis OW0819 Fraser Health V0X 1L2 Planner,Installer
668Hein, Leslie OW0262 Interior Health V1B 3S8 Planner,Installer
323Ambler, Dwayne OW0577 Interior Health V1E 2W6 Installer
265MacDonald, Trevor OW0891 Island Health V9P 9J9 Planner,Installer
656Todd, Kelly OW0826 N/A T7E 3T3 Planner,Installer
641McGrath, Dan OW0521 Interior Health V0K 1M0 Planner,Installer
771Versteeg, Tylor, AScT OW0909 Northern Health V0J 2N0 Planner,Installer
902Grassmick, Jerald OW0213 Interior Health V1V 2M4 Planner,Installer
631Robinson, Daniel OW0523 Van Coastal Health V8A 0H3 Planner,Installer
42Palmberg, Leif OW0905 Island Health V0N 1P0 Planner,Installer
688Digby, Trefor OW0791 Island Health V9L 3V9 Maintenance Provider
230Elder, Cody, AScT OW0503 Fraser Health V2W 1C2 Planner,Installer
876Stewart, Jayson OW0352 Interior Health V1S 2A4 Installer
464Edwards, Brian OW0120 Van Coastal Health V0N 2K0 Planner,Installer,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
422Gibson, Glenn OW0880 Island Health V9P 0A5 Planner,Installer
351Creuzot, Wade OW0257 Northern Health V2N 4T6 Planner,Installer
492Turner, Michael OW0896 Island Health V9G 1A2 Planner
999Huser, Henry OW0497 Interior Health V0G 1Z0 Installer
51Yasek, Jamie OW0244 Interior Health V1L 6N1 Planner,Installer
880Weger, Ward OW0154 Interior Health V1L 6X7 Planner,Installer
848Nielsen, Barry OW0227 Island Health V9B 5T2 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
973Cragg, Daiton OW0535 Van Coastal Health V0N 1Y1 Installer
124Toews, Reece OW0892 Interior Health V0B 1G2 Planner,Installer
11Laughlin, Tobin OW0007 Island Health V9N 5N4 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
405Welch, Dale OW0437 Island Health V9A 0E4 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
478Jones, Rick OW0195 Interior Health V0G 1M0 Planner,Installer
483Streleoff, Samuel OW0149 Interior Health V1N 4T3 Planner,Installer
64Foster, Gregory OW0848 Interior Health V3H 2S4 Planner,Installer
894Vieira, Manuel OW0305 Interior Health V0H 1V0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
709Eveland, Todd OW0432 Interior Health V1L 6V5 Planner
295Van Tongeren, Bertus OW0374 Interior Health V0K 1W0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
496Butler, Jeffrey OW0357 Island Health V9R 6X3 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
78Foisy, Carl OW0797 Interior Health V0E 2G5 Planner,Installer
254Land, Kenneth OW0084 Island Health V0R 1W0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
353Meger, Jason OW0145 Interior Health V0E 2G7 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
188Parker, Ryan OW0139 Island Health V9L 3V9 Installer,Maintenance Provider
127Olfert, Ernest OW0232 Interior Health V0B 1G0 Planner,Installer
295Thomas, Matthew OW0710 Island Health V0R 1L3 Planner,Installer
299Hickman, Robert OW0055 Island Health V8K 2H8 Planner,Installer
562Shaw, Donald OW0400 Interior Health V1N 4T4 Planner,Installer
519Horton, Richard OW0852 Northern Health V0J 2N4 Planner,Installer
636Stevens, Fred OW0025 Island Health V0N 1P0 Planner,Installer
526Johnson, Donald OW0424 Island Health V9N 8H3 Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
869Wolkosky, Daniel OW0279 Interior Health V0H 1H0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
319Hill, William OW0538 Fraser Health V2V 7P8 Installer
185Hamer, Murray OW0853 Northern Health V8G 0E8 Planner,Installer
900Weme, Stephen OW0177 Island Health V9T 2Z2 Installer
473Manthey, Mark OW0010 Island Health V9J 1Y4 Planner,Installer
515Bergen, Bryan OW0731 Interior Health V0E 1B0 Planner,Installer
50Radcliffe, Garry OW0398 Northern Health V0C 2H0 Planner,Installer
642Charlton, Craig OW0115 Interior Health V0K 1X2 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
361Wall, Henry OW0206 Northern Health V0J 3A0 Planner,Installer
818Pitzman, Luke OW0890 Northern Health V0J 2X1 Planner,Installer
305Walsh, Kyron OW0629 Fraser Health V2R 5G2 Planner,Installer
509Rowlandson, David OW0478 Island Health V9B 6J3 Planner,Installer
755Sidhu, Paul OW0654 Fraser Health V4X 1Y6 Planner,Installer
220Creally, Sean OW0518 Island Health V0R 1L2 Planner,Installer
981Rowse, John, BAA, CPHIC, MA OW0762 Island Health V9A 7K1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
79Egeland, Erik OW0377 Island Health V0R 2W1 Planner,Installer
686Geertsma, Kalen OW0873 Northern Health V0J 2X3 Planner,Installer
448Payne, Thomas OW0541 Interior Health V4V 1A6 Planner,Installer
18Bedard, Stuart OW0005 Fraser Health V1M 3V4 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
780Butterfield, Raymond OW0697 Fraser Health V4S 1K2 Provisional
333Baytalan, Gregory OW0562 Interior Health V1V 2E5 Planner
650Horton, Edward OW0857 Interior Health V1T 8C3 Planner,Installer
815Fuller, Clarke OW0384 Van Coastal Health V8A 0M3 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
524Byron, Ken OW0047 Island Health V8K 2W2 Planner,Installer
928Selzer, Lee OW0858 Fraser Health V2S 0J1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
250Schley, Vincent OW0777 Interior Health V0K 1X0 Planner,Installer
796Vieira, Isaque OW0096 Interior Health V0G 1R0 Planner,Installer
282Hutton, Darren OW0543 Island Health V0R 1W0 Planner,Installer
270Pletti, Blair OW0861 Island Health V9Y 7M6 Planner,Installer
931Jacobsen, William OW0440 Northern Health V1G 4H8 Planner,Installer
30Jacobsen, Dean OW0185 Interior Health V1C 6V6 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
683Skytte, Preben OW0027 Van Coastal Health V0N 3A0 Planner,Installer
591Norton, Gerry OW0197 Island Health V9B 4A6 Planner,Installer
111Helfer, Jesse OW0564 Northern Health V2J 6Y2 Planner,Installer
897Saam, Darryl OW0863 Island Health V9X 1K4 Planner,Installer
607Longstaff, Trevor OW0104 Fraser Health V1M 4G6 Planner,Installer
255Gaines, Ian OW0284 Island Health V0N 2Y0 Planner,Installer
776Rumsey, Barry OW0156 Interior Health V1H 1P8 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
176Feenstra, Auke OW0058 Fraser Health V0M 1A0 Planner,Installer
782Hayward, Trevor OW0759 Northern Health V0A 1K0 Planner,Installer
481Deveault, Justin OW0874 Island Health V9L 4G5 Maintenance Provider
629James, Shane OW0879 Fraser Health V0X 1L2 Planner,Installer
561Blackburn, Michael OW0187 Interior Health V1E 4N5 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
14Styan, Trevor OW0636 Island Health V9X 1K5 Installer
779Clark, Douglas OW0166 Interior Health V0E 1V5 Planner,Installer
995McClimon, Dave OW0172 Island Health V9Z 0X6 Installer
288VanDelft, Bradley, AScT, Eng.L. OW0903 Fraser Health V3G 1G9 Planner,Installer
376Messier, Ernest OW0594 Northern Health V2K 5E4 Installer
695Johnson, Paul OW0264 Interior Health V0H 1T6 Installer
337Watrich, Clinten OW0888 Fraser Health V4X 2S2 Planner,Installer
945McComb, Rodney OW0144 Interior Health V2A 4W5 Installer
206McRae, Reg OW0051 Fraser Health V4X 2B4 Installer
257Young, Travis OW0375 Island Health V9N 8Y6 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
979Lazaro, Danny, CTech OW0476 Island Health V8R 3H1 Maintenance Provider
183Joseph, Curtis OW0845 Interior Health V0K 1V0 Installer
139Fayerman, Joshua OW0655 Island Health V9S 5W8 Installer
254Timmer, Mark OW0239 Fraser Health V3A 8C8 Planner,Installer
202Bailey, Lisa, AScT OW0530 Northern Health V2L 1E9 Planner
33Smith, Corey OW0783 Van Coastal Health V0N 1Y2 Planner,Installer
353Fisher, George OW0660 Northern Health V9M 3Z5 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
807Tabaczuk, Graham OW0743 Interior Health V1T 4E2 Planner,Installer
475Bedard, David OW0465 Island Health V9P 9E4 Planner,Installer
810Karthein, Joseph OW0821 Interior Health V1L 6R9 Planner,Installer
732Beharrell, Clayton OW0117 Interior Health V0K 1T0 Planner,Installer
99Lay, Justin OW0833 Fraser Health V4S 1B9 Planner,Installer
896Ramage, William OW0514 Interior Health V0K 2E2 Installer
699Smeltzer, John OW0789 Interior Health V0H 1K0 Planner,Installer
580Yeomans, William OW0453 Island Health V9N 9M5 Planner,Installer
700McClimon, David OW0787 Island Health V9Z 0X6 Planner,Installer
868Knowles, Dave OW0137 Island Health V0R 2Y0 Planner,Installer
373Carberry, Christopher, GradTech OW0540 Fraser Health V2R 4Z7 Planner
885Sterna, Heath OW0917 Interior Health V0G 2G0 Installer
418Daughton, Rob OW0459 Interior Health V1L 6S3 Installer
820Jackson, Brian OW0885 Island Health V0A 1H2 Installer
941Langdon, Stewart OW0835 N/A T8V 3Y1 Planner,Installer
195Ripley, James OW0542 Interior Health V1W 3P6 Planner,Installer
846Broere, Timothy OW0116 Interior Health V0E 2H0 Planner,Installer
732Klotz, Chad OW0871 Interior Health V0H 1V2 Planner,Installer
784Martin, Anthony OW0316 Northern Health V0C 1Y0 Planner,Installer
857Proudfoot, Phillip OW0679 Interior Health V0B 1R0 Planner,Installer
267Colongard, John OW0124 Northern Health V0N 3K0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
91Hogg, Randolph OW0364 Interior Health V0E 2A0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
899Bryant, James OW0587 Interior Health V0H 1H9 Planner,Installer
451Doerksen, Rendolf OW0744 Fraser Health V0M 1K0 Planner,Installer
962Borrow, Doug OW0251 Interior Health V0E 1N2 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
185White, Kathlene OW0862 Interior Health V1T 6H3 Planner,Installer
784Westergaard, Ole OW0243 Interior Health V0A 1K5 Planner,Installer
697Kristensen, Gunnar OW0186 Interior Health V0E 1E0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
912Schartner, Bruce OW0092 Interior Health V0E 1V3 Planner,Installer
454Kashmark, Randall OW0184 Northern Health V2N 6E1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
513Pierobon, Livio OW0300 Interior Health V2H 1P3 Planner,Installer
653Tetlock, Wesley OW0689 Interior Health V0H 1H2 Installer
528Hanaway, Daniel OW0889 Island Health V9M 4B9 Planner,Installer
270Ferg, Micheal OW0644 Fraser Health V4R 1S4 Planner,Installer
211Mortier, Jimmy OW0900 Fraser Health V0M 1A2 Planner,Installer
886Ferreira, Eric OW0283 Island Health V0N 2G0 Planner,Installer
155Swiscoski, Prentice OW0479 Interior Health V1B 3P3 Planner,Installer
920Long, Oscar OW0685 Interior Health V0E 2W1 Planner,Installer
39Miller, David OW0441 Island Health V9B 6H6 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
510Holtskog, Betty OW0286 Interior Health V1B 3N5 Planner,Installer
595Ogloff, Lauren OW0442 Island Health V0R 1G0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
157Steed, Brigham OW0883 Interior Health V0B 1C0 Planner,Installer
260Boon, Alan OW0602 Interior Health V2C 6S9 Installer
201Riley, Nelson OW0515 Van Coastal Health V0N 1G2 Planner,Installer
10Kilback, Marvin OW0131 Interior Health V0H 1T1 Planner,Installer
424Gardiner, David OW0285 Island Health V9B 6E5 Planner,Installer
561Kuyek, David OW0699 Interior Health V0K 1X1 Installer
169Nickerson, Scott OW0425 Island Health V0R 3C0 Installer,Maintenance Provider
868Johnston, William OW0129 Island Health V9J 1A1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
568Starnyski, Jacob OW0801 Interior Health V1E 1X7 Planner,Installer
754Wilson, Randy OW0072 Island Health V9Z 0K9 Planner,Installer
996Vajda, Mihaly OW0740 Interior Health V1Y 2C6 Planner,Installer
591Korpa, Jordan OW0786 Fraser Health V9P 9E8 Planner,Installer
449Burns, Neil OW0590 Fraser Health V3Z 1B2 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
35Law, Darren OW0729 Island Health V0N 2M2 Planner,Installer
128Peterson, Edgar OW0378 Island Health V8K 2B6 Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
479Hardy, Shayne OW0087 Interior Health V0K 1W0 Installer
737Husson, Kerry OW0505 Island Health V9P 9E4 Installer
494McColm, Bruce OW0481 Northern Health V1J 3G1 Planner,Installer
615Hunter, Aubrey OW0824 Northern Health V0J 2X3 Planner,Installer
741Garlock, Richard OW0385 Interior Health V0B 1M5 Installer
987Langard, John OW0546 Island Health V8L 4L4 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
337Hein, Ronald OW0002 Fraser Health V2W 1V9 Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
66Brenton, Sean OW0597 Interior Health V0G 1M0 Planner,Installer
702Mandau, Owen OW0267 Interior Health V0H 1T5 Planner,Installer
721Dicken, Gary OW0009 Interior Health V0H 1N1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
185Schwarz, Roderick OW0751 Interior Health V0X 1W0 Planner,Installer
91Bigham, Braedon OW0864 Island Health V0N 2M0 Planner,Installer
621Bell, Dwayne OW0068 Interior Health V0E 1V3 Planner,Installer
229Quantz, Roger OW0716 N/A T0M 0N0 Planner,Installer
171Tucker, Martin OW0524 Van Coastal Health V0N 2W0 Installer
466Schouten, Richard, GradTech OW0913 Interior Health V4V 1L6 Planner,Installer
350Francoeur, Denis OW0218 Island Health V9Y 8T5 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
547Gerlach, David OW0128 Island Health V0K 1K0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
600Roodenburg, Robert OW0272 Island Health V8K 2G8 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
604Simpson, Richard OW0735 Island Health V9X 1V4 Installer
668Stiksma, Hendrik OW0877 Fraser Health V2P 1A4 Planner,Installer
59Grossler, Douglas OW0046 Interior Health V0K 1V0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
86Trayer, Norm OW0151 Fraser Health V0X 1L2 Installer
269MacLeod, Bud OW0266 Fraser Health V2V 1M3 Installer
985Stroud, Carson OW0498 Interior Health V1A 2W1 Installer
752Somcher, Wayne, AScT OW0818 Interior Health V1X 7T8 Planner
687Money, Andrew OW0572 Island Health V0N 2Y0 Planner,Installer
946MacLean, Steven OW0366 Northern Health V2J 4E2 Planner,Installer
684Ley, Thomas OW0225 Interior Health V4V 2B6 Planner,Installer
613Sears, Jason OW0060 Island Health V8M 2C3 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
69Jeannotte, Vaughn OW0223 Fraser Health V2Z 1B3 Planner,Installer
554Sawyer, Micah OW0816 Island Health V9P 1J7 Installer
482Van Hemert, Steven OW0480 Interior Health V0G 1L1 Planner,Installer
743Reier, Mike OW0228 Northern Health V2K 4L2 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
177Toopitsin, John, AScT OW0532 Northern Health V2L 3Z5 Planner
638Toews, Michael OW0765 Fraser Health V2R 5J1 Planner,Installer
675Rand, Kerry OW0093 Island Health V0N 1S1 Planner,Installer
719Kelloway, Terrance OW0157 Island Health V9P 2A9 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
272Farrell, Ricky OW0313 Interior Health V1E 4N6 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
854Penner, Russell OW0748 Interior Health V0E 1M5 Planner,Installer
824May, Sheldon OW0907 Island Health V0P 1H0 Planner,Installer,Private Inspector Re
83Ettinger, Bryan OW0878 Island Health V0R 2V0 Planner,Installer
407Cryderman, James, AScT OW0828 Northern Health V0C 1V0 Planner,Installer
320Verburg, Jack OW0090 Interior Health V1E 4P3 Installer
252Guilhon, Franz OW0701 Interior Health V0A 1H7 Planner,Installer
410Stevenson, Scott OW0700 Van Coastal Health V0N 1G2 Installer
634Pavlovich, John OW0094 Interior Health V1S 1W5 Planner,Installer
734Kallis, Jeremy OW0601 N/A T8V 3Y1 Planner,Installer
616Squires, Donald OW0320 Northern Health V1G 4T9 Planner,Installer
263Rabbitt, James OW0397 Interior Health V1K 1B8 Planner,Installer
831Hough, Donovan OW0822 Interior Health V0B 1E0 Planner,Installer
33Oliver, Barry OW0396 Northern Health V2K 3K3 Planner,Installer
47Nichol, Bruce OW0475 Island Health V9N 7E1 Planner,Installer
642Beals, Bradley OW0647 Island Health V9L 2G3 Planner,Installer,Private Inspector Re
684Moore, Gerald OW0607 Northern Health V0J 2E0 Installer
553Edgar, Francis OW0121 Interior Health V1L 6L3 Planner,Installer
197Rowe, Ian OW0107 Island Health V0N 2Y0 Planner,Installer
601Holden, Leslie OW0189 Van Coastal Health V0K 1P0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
317Twa, Jackson OW0556 Island Health V9C 4M2 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
165Burns, Kyle OW0767 Fraser Health V3Z 1B2 Installer
368Dalziel, Edward OW0897 Interior Health V0K 2Z0 Installer
847Giuriato, Lucas OW0723 Fraser Health V2Y 1L3 Planner,Installer
790Pecora, Mario OW0487 Interior Health V0A 1H4 Planner,Installer
107Schott, Michael OW0389 Island Health V9X 1W1 Installer
428Warren, Stephen OW0074 Van Coastal Health V0N 3A6 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
906Paul, Norman, AScT OW0026 Fraser Health V1E 2W2 Planner,Installer
740Rintoul, Gordon OW0906 N/A T8X 4J9 Planner,Installer
490Giguere, Kirk OW0753 Northern Health V0J 2N1 Planner,Installer
464Thibault, Ludovic OW0091 Fraser Health V2X 7E9 Maintenance Provider
213Mueller, Irv OW0062 Island Health V9P 2G8 Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
625Halliday, Karen OW0086 Interior Health V0H 1Z1 Planner,Installer
725Tomlinson, Curtis OW0539 Island Health V9X 1V7 Installer
246Bowerman, Craig OW0021 Island Health V9Y 8P5 Planner,Installer
794Skiba, James OW0628 Northern Health V2J 7C3 Planner,Installer
851MacDonnell, Duane OW0134 Interior Health V3L 5R7 Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
960Bradley, Jesse OW0910 Interior Health V2A 5L1 Installer
277Marston, Shawn OW0623 Island Health V9P 2G5 Planner,Installer
665Kashmark, Darin OW0415 Northern Health V2N 6E1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
655Deans, Richard, CTech OW0340 Interior Health V4V 2H8 Planner
127Beaudry, Gilbert OW0420 Island Health V9K 2S4 Installer
960Andrews, Richard OW0042 Island Health V8K 1M4 Planner,Installer
896Moody, Dion OW0715 Interior Health V0K 1Z0 Planner,Installer
232Pitcher, Sean OW0373 Northern Health V4L 0A6 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
294Modin, Alan OW0893 Van Coastal Health V8A 4Z5 Provisional
321Tabian, Blake, AScT, EIT OW0901 Fraser Health V4W 3G7 Planner,Installer
756Plambeck, Kris OW0350 Island Health V8K 1C9 Planner,Installer
187Dawe, Katharine OW0719 Fraser Health V0N 1P0 Planner,Installer
666Beggs, John OW0168 Island Health V0R 1K4 Planner,Installer
895Klaassen, Sam OW0138 Fraser Health V0M 1A0 Planner,Installer
747Wight, Deborah OW0667 Interior Health V0E 1M8 Planner,Installer
442Vink, Cori OW0307 Interior Health V0K 2K2 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
656Wallace, Darren OW0615 Northern Health V0E 1B4 Planner,Installer
395Turner, Troy OW0548 Interior Health V1Z 1R6 Installer,Maintenance Provider
112Freeborn, Harlen OW0914 Island Health V9J 1Y4 Planner,Installer
493Goncalves, Luis OW0866 Interior Health V4T 1V9 Planner,Installer
793Rogers, Steven OW0635 Interior Health V1E 0B2 Planner,Installer,Private Inspector Re
569Bowater, George OW0182 Island Health V9G 1E1 Planner,Installer
406Stroink, Bruce OW0075 Island Health V0R 1V0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
883Brown, Robert OW0911 Van Coastal Health V0N 3A4 Planner,Installer
696Giese, Gary OW0632 Northern Health V2K 2N8 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
15Currie, Tamarack OW0912 N/A T3E 2X9 Planner,Installer
277Jensen, Christian OW0110 Interior Health V0H 1V0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
346Steward, John OW0788 Van Coastal Health V0X 1L0 Planner,Installer
349Milne, Richard OW0387 Island Health V9Z 1A8 Installer
634Kivela, Kevin OW0461 Island Health V9P 2J7 Planner,Installer
464Chesney, Ryan OW0854 Van Coastal Health V8A 3C1 Planner,Installer
964Delwisch, Kenton OW0258 Northern Health V0J 2N0 Planner
11Galitzine, Peter OW0113 Island Health V0N 2R0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
508Butterworth, Peter OW0621 Interior Health V0K 1M0 Planner,Installer
357Millan, Willard OW0430 Island Health V0R 1Z0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
529Onciul, Dwaine OW0608 Northern Health V2J 4L3 Planner,Installer
52Waterfield, Eric OW0242 Interior Health V0G 1R0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
984Horel, George OW0221 Island Health V8K 2P7 Planner,Installer
432Janus, Ryan OW0050 Fraser Health V2V 7G9 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
273Rinaldi, John OW0677 Northern Health V8G 1N5 Planner,Installer
59Hanlon, Matthew OW0711 Interior Health V1L 5R3 Planner,Installer
603Hillsden, Ralph OW0325 Island Health V9K 2A4 Installer
228Higgs, Mark OW0849 Interior Health V1B 3K2 Planner,Installer
630Bergen, Vern OW0105 Fraser Health V2Z 1W2 Planner,Installer
29Dyczkowski, Andrew OW0870 Interior Health V1Z 1M2 Planner,Installer
650McGrath, Dawn, AScT OW0633 Interior Health V1Z 3G2 Planner
744Price, Dale OW0106 Interior Health V1A 3H1 Planner,Installer
254Lega, Leonard OW0063 Interior Health V1E 2X8 Planner,Installer
385VanBuskirk, Wayne OW0844 Fraser Health V3W 7R9 Installer
950Reid, Nyle OW0589 Interior Health V1E 4S1 Planner,Installer
918Milner, Dallas OW0650 N/A T0H 1L0 Installer
718Mortenson, Kevin OW0894 Interior Health V2K 5K5 Planner,Installer
362King, Michael OW0380 Interior Health V2G 2V7 Installer
251Rogers, Colin OW0884 Island Health V9K 2S3 Planner,Installer
649Klassen, Kelly OW0659 Island Health V9N 9M4 Planner,Installer
382Sayle, John OW0302 Fraser Health V2Z 2P4 Installer
741Reimer, Mike OW0076 Interior Health V0B 2K0 Planner,Installer
413Van Vliet, Brent OW0240 Island Health V9Y 8H4 Planner,Installer
60Rosang, Carl OW0233 Northern Health V8J 2P6 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
302Bayley, Christopher OW0534 Island Health V9L 3B1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
322Harris, Michael, PGeo OW0208 Island Health V9L 6L2 Planner
712Strelezki, Len OW0390 Fraser Health V4S 1C7 Planner,Installer
383Stenerson, Clint OW0163 Interior Health V0K 1X3 Planner,Installer
124Zimmerman, Howard OW0646 Island Health V9H 1B8 Planner,Installer
430Camille, Keray OW0780 Interior Health V2G 4X2 Planner,Installer
679Okert, Allan OW0155 Fraser Health V3B 5Y9 Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
16Matchett, Gordon OW0294 Interior Health V0G 1R1 Planner,Installer
747Selvey, David OW0438 Fraser Health V2W 1V9 Installer
983Clarke, Daryl OW0603 Interior Health V0X 1W0 Planner,Installer
967Andersen, Jimmy, AScT OW0248 Fraser Health V9P 9H1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
601Martin, Donovan OW0057 Interior Health V0H 1Z3 Planner,Installer
103York, Fred OW0419 Island Health V9B 6E4 Planner,Installer
582Sidhu, Parminder OW0275 Fraser Health V4X 1Y6 Planner,Installer
582Rotzetter, Yvan OW0338 Interior Health V0E 1N0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
483Eng, Ken OW0362 Interior Health V0B 2G3 Planner,Installer
207Lubeck, Darren OW0559 N/A T0H 1L0 Planner,Installer
540Driediger, Rob OW0088 Island Health V9W 3J2 Planner,Installer
359Smith, Gregory OW0041 Island Health V9L 6A7 Planner,Installer
546Hadikin, Nolan OW0859 Interior Health V1N 4V8 Installer
116Savage, Ralph, CPHI OW0399 Interior Health V0H 1Z0 Planner,Installer
521Perriere, Sylvain OW0417 Interior Health V0G 2J0 Planner,Installer
297Anderson, Dave OW0174 Island Health V9P 1X7 Planner,Private Inspector Re
147McDonald, Timothy OW0079 Van Coastal Health V8A 4W7 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
556Regier, Craig, PEng OW0006 Fraser Health V5L 4B4 Planner
723Hohmann, Kelly OW0179 Interior Health V0H 1N0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
994Williamson, Todd OW0008 Interior Health V1L 6V4 Planner,Installer
898Watson, Ronald OW0308 Northern Health V0C 1R0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
619Carriere, Michael OW0255 Northern Health T8V 5M3 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
733Money, John OW0036 Island Health V9L 4L4 Planner,Installer
769Fontaine, Omelio OW0717 Island Health V9R 3E9 Planner,Installer
448Waite, Marcus OW0823 Northern Health V0C 1X0 Planner,Installer
756Boileau, Benjamin OW0855 N/A T8W 5E4 Planner,Installer
955Pesant, Patrick OW0916 Island Health V0R 1W0 Planner
962Gaylard, Scott OW0663 N/A T8X 0N9 Planner,Installer
295Ferguson, David OW0061 Island Health V9N 9N8 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co
363LaBrash, Trevor OW0728 Island Health V9C 4C6 Planner,Installer
491LeRose, Salvatore OW0135 Interior Health V0E 3K0 Installer
635Moskal, Konrad OW0904 Interior Health V1Z 3V2 Planner,Installer
559Sheehan, Michael OW0044 Interior Health V0E 2V1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re
815Deglan, Jordan OW0808 Fraser Health V1W 3A8 Planner,Installer
175Jones, David OW0805 Island Health V9C 4M8 Installer
788Burke, Derrick OW0887 Interior Health V2A 6J9 Installer
758Nyuli, Carmen OW0847 Northern Health V0J 2N7 Planner,Installer
356Jack, Dan OW0052 Island Health V9H 1H1 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
475Rempel, Shelburne OW0455 Fraser Health V4X 2E8 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
416Astaforoff, Steve OW0119 Interior Health V0B 1T0 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
777Booth, Perry OW0160 Island Health V8K 2A8 Planner,Installer
202Deglan, Clayton OW0782 Fraser Health V2Z 1V8 Planner,Installer
165Glotze, Liesbeth OW0246 Interior Health V2C 6A7 Planner,Installer
704Ehalt, Keldon OW0895 Island Health V9T 2B8 Planner,Installer
616Bye, Robert OW0109 Island Health V0R 1X3 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
509Kinnersley, Lois OW0180 Island Health V0N 2M1 Planner,Installer
693Schmidt, Darnelle OW0758 N/A T2Z 4A4 Planner,Installer
936Venables, Laura OW0304 Interior Health V0H 1T2 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider
846Hyde, Michael OW0358 Island Health V0R 1L6 Planner,Installer,Maintenance Provider,Private Inspector Re,Private Inspector Co